Otten Life Science Consulting services are tailored to the needs of
investors, health care companies, their shareholders and other stakeholders.

Buy-side Due Diligence

For buy-side due diligence, Otten Life Sciences Consulting performs an in-depth evaluation of the fundamentals. We identify red flags, but also yellow flags, to highlight potential downsides and upsides. As a fully independent company, we help potential investors make sound decisions.

Advisory Practices

For advisory practices, Otten Life Sciences Consulting carries out an evaluation of company fundamentals, including competition reviews. We identify red flags and also yellow flags in comparison with peer companies. As fully independent analysts, without vested interests, we advise company leadership and shareholders with the best strategic options and adapted financing tools.

Company Assignments

Otten Life Sciences Consulting can offer executive or non-executive assignments to health care companies thanks to the mix of scientific expertise, operational experience, business strategy capability and financing road show practices. Assignments can include CXO suite, non-executive board membership as an investor representative or industry expert, or executive board membership.