Basel, July 6, 2021

Acthera Therapeutics AG, a biopharmaceutical company developing an innovative targeted release technology platform, announced today the successful completion of a CHF 5.4 million Seed A financing round. In addition, the company managed to secure significant non-dilutive funding through collaborations with academic and non-academic partners.

Acthera addresses one of the most important challenges in medicine, optimizing the therapeutic effect while minimizing the side effects. Acthera’s proprietary hard-shelled liposomes (HSLs) allow for highly targeted release of potentially toxic therapeutic molecules at the exact site of medical need, creating high local availability of the drug to increase efficacy. The total amount of drug substance delivered to the body can be massively reduced, thus significantly decreasing toxicity and widening the therapeutic window of many drugs-.
Acthera’s hard-shelled, mechano-sensitive liposomes can release their cargo drug through various physical triggers, such as intracorporal pressure changes in the blood circulation or externally applied laser light.
Founded in 2019 by several Professors and experienced practitioners, the team has now been joined by former Professor Dr. Thierry Fumeaux, MD, as the company’s Chief Medical Officer. In its exploration of potential clinical candidates in various therapeutic areas, Acthera has started to establish a high-profile advisory board, including Dr. Ruggero Della Bitta, a recognized industry senior expert in oncology and hematology who previously worked as VP Strategy Oncology, and Dr. Jeff Guise, a seasoned US IP lawyer with extensive global experience. Additional advisors will be announced soon.

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